Basic Math : BODMAS rule order of operation

Hey my friends  in this post I am going to describe you the most important fundamental rule of mathwhich use to manipulate algebraic expressions.That basic manipulation rule is BODMASS.
So guys   here I categorize the details according to following,

   1.What is BODMAS?
   2.Why we use  
   3.How to use BODMAS?
   4.An example regarding BODMAS

1.What is BODMAS?

Have you ever heard about this word BODMAS? BODMAS is the basic manipulation procedure that we bound to follow when we do a math manipulation.Simply BODMAS is the fundamental rule in algebra.It is like a universal rule of algebraic manipulation when we consider reference frame as Algebra.

Now let's look at why we use this concept.

 2.Why we use  BODMAS?

We use this concept as a rule, a rule which ease the simplification.This is like a protocol that you wanna follow when you do a mathmanipulation.And the most important advantage of using this rule is that we can do the manipulation process without messing it around.Because we know the path we want to follow.If not what would happen is, we wanna create a new path.But when we use this rule or you can say it as protocol, we can clearly see the path.So by following that path we can  reach our end destination. So now it's time to jump to the next section of using BODMAS.

3.How to use BODMAS?

First let's dive into the meaning of this concept

      B - Bracket
      O - Orders
      D - Division.
      M - Multiplication.
      A - Addition
      S - Subtraction. 

This is the order that you should  follow when you want to do a manipulation

  4.An example regarding BODMAS

I hope that now you guys have a better undestanding about BODMAS.So my friends please give me your feedback :)

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