How to take action to be super productive and stop procrastination.

In this post, I am going to describe few techniques that you could use in order to achieve your goals, and stop procrastination  i.e. be super productive

First of all I wanna ask you these question,

                1. Are you  are a  student who procrastinates and do not take action towards your goals? 
                2. Are you a student who wait for exams till the last moment?   

If the answers for those are yes , I can assure you   if you read this blog post till the end  and apply the techniques  that I am revealing  here and willing to  take immediate  action, you can cure the procrastination habit.

So first take a look at the meaning of the procrastination.

According to the Wikipedia,

             " Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks   in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the "last minute" before a deadline".

Time management plays a key role  in procrastination. Because if you do not use a better time management system chances of procrastination is sky high. If you use a  good time management system you won't be reactive. Procrastination happens when you are a reactive..Having a better time management helps you to  find the moments that cause you to  become a reactive and helps you to become pro-active  which finally paves you the path for super productivity.  If you are a pro-active you won't be trap into procrastination. So how you can make a good time management skills to stop procrastination.

I would like to give you an exercise that you can use to find how you use your time. It is tracking how you use your time. So for this you need a piece of paper and a   pen. In each and every day  jot  down how you use your time. If you can do this for every two hours  you can take maximum benefits. By doing this, you can identify how you use your time.

Now let me  give you a  technique that you can use to manage your time that ultimately leads  you to manage your life. I am writing this article assuming that you have already made goals for your life.
This should be done before you start the day. You can do this in the  morning or  in the night of the previous day. Somehow you want to ensure that you are ready to take the day with full of your potential.

  • Jot down all the tasks that you need to  accomplish in that particular day in order to achieve your goals. Here the key is to be specific and to the point. Being more specific helps you to be more productive 

  • Once you have done that what you want to  do is to prioritize those tasks as  important to reach your goal .

  • And the last step is to allocate time. Allocating time is crucial factor because we have only 24 hours per day. If we want to grab maximum amount from time we must allocate time and should be able to complete that  task in that given time.

As an example let's say you have a goal to score more than 80 marks for mathematics.So here you want to find daily  tasks that  important to achieve that goal

Important tasks:

  • Revising  all the theories  and doing the homework   just after  your class session.
  • Analyzing what you have done wrong in the class and searching solutions for them.
  • Doing the questions  that you didn't grab correctly  again and again until you  are familiar with that question.
  • Doing past paper questions related to that particular lesson.

After you do this try to allocate  the time you need  for those particular tasks.Once you  follow this system I  can assure you that you can cure the bad habit of procrastination.

Likewise, you want to  find the important  for each and every goal that you have.

Assume that you made this task list and still  you do not take action and  again you are procrastining. That is where you want to  use  PAIN & PLEASURE .

Say that you have a football game to watch and you feel that you want to  watch this game but you have a project  or an examination due tomorrow.So what you are gonna choose football game or studying? If you use the pain and pleasure  you can easily find what you want to do.Here is the way to do it,

Imagine the pain you have to undergo if you do not complete the project. Possible pains that you have to undergo are gaining lesser marks than other fellow students,  could not able to get overall good marks  for the project. Now imagine the pleasure that you can gain if you do complete the project. Possibly they are the reverse of pains that you have to undergo  if you do not complete the project. And ask yourself   what is more pleasurable  out of  watching football game  and completing the project.Another key thing here is you want to take immediate action

 So if you find such instances use the  PAIN & PLEASURE .if you use this procedure  properly I can guarantee you can come out of those situations and able to find what you should do and not what you want to do.

  If you can't cure this bad habit by following above techniques then try this product

If you follow the techniques that I mention above I can assure you  can be super productive  and stop procrastination.So I hope  you enjoy this post and will help you to leverage  your studies. See you soon with another "learning make easy " post!. Bytheway give  me you feedback also.

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