Triangle law of vector addition.

First of all you want to know the heart of basic mechanics.They are ,

  Vector quantity 
  Scalar quantity.

I'm saying this because almost all mechanics stuffs are fully based on these two quantities.

So now let's me explain you a vector quantity

Vector quantity : The physical quantity which have both magnitude and direction.

In above image a ,b and a+b are vectors.

Here are  very few examples of vectors.


Now let me explain you a scalar quantity.

Scalar quantity(non-vector) : The physical quantity which have only magnitude but no direction.

Here are  very few examples of scalar quantity,


So guys do you know that you can't deal with vectors like you deal with scalars( non- vectors).Because vectors have a direction.So we want to consider it too!

Now  you might think ," Oh my god then how can i deal with vectors". Don't worry just read the post till the end. 

If you want to add two or more vectors , do you think that that you can do it as same as you do it with scalars. 2 +3=5.No probably you can't do it that way.

Here is the way to do it.

In physics there is a law called triangle law which can be used to add vectors.

Now let's see how to use triangle law .

Addition of vectors using triangle law.

First step: Draw a vector and name it as (b) 

Second step: Draw another vector and name it as (a)

Third step :  Take two vectors and connect them to form  two sides of a triangle

Fourth step:  Complete the triangle.

Now complete the remaining side of the triangle.Which is the resultant of two vectors.

So here is the way to add two vectors.

Now i would like you to recommend to do this  with your own, to get more familiar with vectors.

So if you have any problem regarding this feel free to ask it in the comment section below.

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