Hey my friends  in this post I am going to describe you the most important fundamental rule of mathwhich use to manipulate algebraic expressions.That basic manipulation rule is BODMASS.
So guys   here I categorize the details according to following,

   1.What is BODMAS?
   2.Why we use  
   3.How to use BODMAS?
   4.An example regarding BODMAS

1.What is BODMAS?

Have you ever heard about this word BODMAS? BODMAS is the basic manipulation procedure that we bound to follow when we do a math manipulation.Simply BODMAS is the fundamental rule in algebra.It is like a universal rule of algebraic manipulation when we consider reference frame as Algebra.

Now let's look at why we use this concept.

 2.Why we use  BODMAS?

We use this concept as a rule, a rule which ease the simplification.This is like a protocol that you wanna follow when you do a mathmanipulation.And the most important advantage of using this rule is that we can do the manipulation process without messing it around.Because we know the path we want to follow.If not what would happen is, we wanna create a new path.But when we use this rule or you can say it as protocol, we can clearly see the path.So by following that path we can  reach our end destination. So now it's time to jump to the next section of using BODMAS.

3.How to use BODMAS?

First let's dive into the meaning of this concept

      B - Bracket
      O - Orders
      D - Division.
      M - Multiplication.
      A - Addition
      S - Subtraction. 

This is the order that you should  follow when you want to do a manipulation

  4.An example regarding BODMAS

I hope that now you guys have a better undestanding about BODMAS.So my friends please give me your feedback :)

Hey guys in this post I am going to show you how important to manage your time.

Because managing time is almost equals to managing your life.If you do not manage it you are hurting yourself and the
dangerous effect of this is  that you don't know you are hurting yourself or you can say hurting your life.Time management plays such a key role in our life, so time management is a must factor.

Why time management is so important to us.Because it is the main factor that control our life even though we don't have a sense about it.And the most important reason  that I could ever give you  to pump your soul and make a time management system is that someday we leave this world.Yes, we all know that it's a sad truth.We can't change that universal truth.But as  the most intelligent creatures living on earth we can line up according to universal truth. So how can we line up with that universal truth and  grab all the opportunities that we can? The simplest answer is time management.Any successful person  have their own time management system.That's the fundamental key for success.If you have all other qualities to be successful  but do not have a good time management system means you literally  suicide your own success story. Think about it and ask yourself whether you have a time management system?If not knock to your heart and soul and request a time management system for you.You are the only one who can make time management system for you. I can give advice and there are many resources through out the internet about this topic, but you are the only one who can make your own unique time management system for you.Because the one who want to take action for you is you, others won't take action for you to take you towards your goals.When you are reaching for your goals if you don't have a proper time management system you will fall apart in the middle of the journey.

If you are a student time management  plays a major role in your life.As a student, you want to manage your time effectively otherwise you can never reach for your goals.And if you have  established a time management system already you can clearly see what makes the difference between  you and others who do not manage their time. If you are a student who do not have a proper time management system you are the one who  limit yourself which makes you  not to attain your maximum potential.That's the  main reason behind your unsuccessfulness. Just because you are  unsuccessful doesn't mean you can't achieve your maximum potential.Each  and everyone on this planet have their maximum potential.But they are the one who limit themselves. One reason they haven't or you haven't achieve your maximum potential is that they do not have proper time management system.

When we drive a car we have a destination to go Here destination can be taken as the goal that you are reaching for.What else you need to reach  a destination effectively.Why did I mention it as effectively?Well, everyone can  reach  any given destination  without any trouble.But the important factor  is how much time  they would take to reach that destination, cuz that is the case where efficiency comes to the act. I can subject the car as the time management system. If you have a car which is full of trouble  what would happen in the course of your destination? Probably your efficiency decrease. But if you have a  well-established car, what is the outcome? You are going to be much more effective. and will reach your destination faster than the ones having trouble making.So it is your choice to select to your car which can be done by your own.

So my friends, I hope you get valuable information from this post.So take actions to reach your goals,by the way don't forget to leave a comment.

Here my aim is to give you  or share you my knowledge about structure and bonding.So let's start.
In chemistry, we can name all the types of  bonding as chemical bonding.

Chemical bonding:

Chemical bonding can be defined as the attraction between the atoms in order to minimize the energy.So why do they like to like to be in least  energy level, It is because the fact that they want to be stable.If they wanna be stable they  should be at least energy level the chemical bonding thing is happened to minimize the energy Orbital hybridization is also a  scenario which happen in order to minimize energy.

Now let's find out the situations where the bonding occurs in between atoms.

In order to have chemical bond attraction forces between two atoms must be greater than their repulsive forces.This is a must factor.

First situation:

When  two atoms have  an unpaired  electrons in their  orbitals.

Second situation:

When one atom have an empty orbital while other atom have completely filled orbitals.

Now let's discuss about non-bonding situations.

Non-bonding situations:

  • When  the orbitals of both the atoms are completely filled.

  • When  orbital of one is completely filled and other atom have hafl filled orbital.

In case of non-bonding situation repulsive forces between two atoms are greater than their attraction forces.

In chemistry, you have mainly three types of bonds.Namely they are,

  • Covalent bond
  • Ionic bond
  • Dative bonds.
  • Metallic bonds.

And you have two types of bonds for covalent bonds.They are,
  1. Non-polar covalent
  2. Polar covalent.

Well, now we know how to determine whether  a chemical bond is available or not.But still we don't know which types of bonds would be formed if all those above mentioned requirements are fulfilled. There is an easy way for that.It is by comparing electronegativity difference between two atoms.

Now let's discuss about the covalent bond.

Covalent bond:

This bondage is in between two non-metal atoms.In this type of bond electron pair is common to both of the atoms.So how does that happen? Do you have any idea about that.In order to have a electron pair common for both the atom electron cloud  of both atoms should be overlapped that is when electrons are common for both the atoms(keep in mind that electrons are behave as cloud and particle in nature at the same time).If you confuse with that  thing remeber it like this, electron is a cloud which have their particles inside that cloud.
There are two type of overlappings which cause to have a covalent bond.Namely they are,

  1. Linear overlapping
  2. Lateral overlapping.

Linear overlapping:

In this type of overlapping  high density electron cloud is right in the middle of two atoms.When there is linear overlapping the type of bond  formed is $sigma$ bond.This is catogarized by considering overlapping factor.And this happen only in covalent bond.So guys don't confue this fact by thinking this as another sub bond in covalent bond like polar covalent bond,  $sigma$ bond  comes to the act only when we consider overlapping factor.So in case of  linear overlapping it is $sigma$ bond.

Linear overlapping is occur when,

  • S-P orbitals overlap

  • P-P orbitals overlap

Now move to next type of overlapping.

Lateral  overlapping:

Here the high-density electron cloud is not right in the middle but it is contaminated in upper end and lower end of the space in between two atoms. I know it's little bit complicated to imagine it. So take a look at the follow image.

Lateral overlapping occuronly in between P orbitals. Because of that $pi$ bond can be obtained by lateral overlapping of two P orbitals.

 Dative bond:

      This bond is formed by overlapping of an atomic orbital containing a lone pair of electrons while the other atom is with an empty orbital for their valence shell.At this scenario the spcies which dontate the electron is named as donor group while the revceiever is named as acceptor group.`

Ionic bond:

This bond is formed due to the electrostatic interaction between positive and negative ion that are formed when the valence electron of one atom is given to th other atom during the formation of between this two atoms,right I hope you got it. Just to remember here the electronegativity difference between teo atoms is greater than 2.1

to discuss few properties of this type p f bond we can take our example as$NaCl$.When we consider about solid state of$Na^+$ and $Cl^-$  are attracted electrostatically and packed in definite pattern.Therefore can't move they are isolated into one position.The only they can do is just vibrating here and there.Since the ions can't move  solid state of ionic bond can't conduct electricity.Because  that is the main property that should prevail in order to conduct electricity.But in liquid  and in molten state $NaCl$ has mobile ions because of that fact at those two states.

Metallic bond:

The electrons of valency shell og metallic atoms are loosely bonded to the atom. Therefore, there is a tendency for metallic atom to release the electrons and exist as positive ions. And due to that there you have positive ions in electron sea of the system.Why I say system here? Because  you need to consider whole electron cloud.So finally the bond is formed between the positive ions and electrons.That type of bonds are named as metallic bonds.

Now let's discuss  the factors affecting for the strength of metallic bond

  • Number of electrons contribute to metallic bond - strength increases when no. of electrons increases.
  • Size of the metal ion - bond strength increase when size decreases
  • Charge of the metallic ion-   bond strength is higher when charge is high.

So across the period metallic bond strength increases so that softness of metal decreases which means metals going to be more harder.How about the reactivity? Make a guess.Reactivity decreases because metallic bond strength increases.Is it confusing? Just think like this, if anything is combined rigidlya is it harder to  separate it compared to one which is less rigid than that? Probably is it is harder.So reactivity is like that.

Well, I hope you have a good knowledge in bonding. If you have any doubt about this feel free to comment.

In this post,  I am going to describe you about orbital hybridization which is an important concept to understand. In order to have a clear knowledge about orbital hybridization what we wanna know are,

  • What is an orbital?
  • Why does hybridization happen?
  • How does hybridization happen?
  • How can we identify hybridization of any element given in a structural  formula?  

What is an orbital?

Orbitals are the places where electrons are accumulated.Electrons behave as particles and wave in nature.There are 4 types of orbitals presence, namely thy are

  1. s orbital.
  2. p orbital
  3. d orbital
  4. f orbital 
Now let's  find little bit about those orbitals.(hey friends these are the very basics  about orbitals because this is classical chemistry, once you study quantum chemistry you can study much deeper about those)


S orbitals is circular in shape.And it is the orbital that have lowest energy.This guy can accommodate  two electron pairs which means 4 electrons.

For an example let's take B(Boron).So what is the electron configuration of this element?it is,

     Now note that the maximum electrons that S orbital can accommodate are 4 electrons.

  In following image you can see the shape of the S orbital.

Don't worry about those x,y and z-axes.They are just the 3 planes or you can just say that it is  the way we draw it in a paper.

So guys next take a look at the P-orbital.


Here also we need to know only the shape of the orbital and number of electrons that can accommodate in this orbital.

Shape of the P orbital is looks like a dumbell shape.Yes, that's right, the equipment you use to build muscles.But this orbital shape is like an old dumbell which is used for a decade.Well, what I want to say is.... , okay take a look at the shape.(cuz I don't know how to describe the shape  in exact way  because this is a weird dumbell )

In 2-D:

In 3-D:

Now the shape part is over.So let's take a look at how many  electrons are fortunate have an accommodation in P-orbital.P-orbital is willing to give accomodation  for  6 lucky winners of electrons which mean 3 electrons pairs.

Well, we just  finished basic facts of  s and p orbitals that we needed in order to understand hybridization.So let's proceed to d and f orbitals.I discuss the shape and the number of fortune electrons there also.


Shape of this weirder than the s and p orbitals. So let's take a look,

We can't have a clear drawing for d orbital in 2-D plane instead we can have a 3-D view,

3-D view:

So I told you guys this is a weirder shape, you don't need to think about how it happens and so many things regarding those, because it simply worthless for you.Next what I wanna discuss is how many electrons can d orbital accommodate?It can accommodate 5 electrons pairs or 10 electrons.


f-orbital possess the most complex and weirdest shape out of the orbitals you can confirm it by looking at following image.Here also we can have a better view only by having a 3-D view.

So how many electrons f orbital can give facility to accommodate?

There  is 14 rooms available for electrons, but if they like to live as a pair they would have only 7 rooms

Well, now we just finish orbital part.I hope now you have a clear understanding about orbitals in chemistry(not in space)

Why does hybridization happen?

It happens due to the fact that each and every  orbital like to be in a minimum energy level. In order to fulfill this favor, they like to get hybridized Now probably you are in doubt about  why they like to in lower energy level. It's because when orbitals have less energy  they are stable. Always  keep it mind that electrons, orbitals  are like to be in lower energy level. If they have higher energy level they tend to behave naughtier  which cause them to be  unstable and destroy their freedom which is not a good thing.(so the simple way to remember this is orbitals are naughty but afraid of   being get boycotted their freedom)

Lemme ask you a question. What is the difference between hybrid cars and non-hybrid cars?

Yes, you know that, the efficiency of hybrid cars higher than most of non-hybrid cars.This concept  is true for orbital hybridization also.

Now I am sure that you  know why hybridization occurs. So let's  jump into the next section.

How does hybridization happen?

As I mentioned earlier, orbitals like to be in lower energy level.They can't  be stable by living alone. Yes you get the idea. This is true for our lives also because you can't be stable by living alone you wanna interact with others  that's when you are going to be stable in a good manner. So this is true for orbitals also.
Now it's clear that  orbitals can't get hybridized if they live alone or you can say like this also "When an atom lives alone, orbitals behave alone when orbital behave alone  it can't get hybridized.If they wanna hybridized they would communicate, interact and get fit with other orbitals which ultimately gives  them hybridization statues.

Well, now let's cross over to a chemistry example to show you how the hybridization occurs.

As the example let's take methane.The structure of it is shown below.

Here the carbon atoms possess    $sp^3$  hybridization.Now lemme give you the way how this thing happens.

Before that I am asking you this question. What is  the way that  the orbitals share the energy?. The answer for that is by sharing their electrons.

The difference in energy(electrons) in orbitals for this  carbon atom is shown below

So the bottom line of this is if any atom's orbitals want to be hybridized  what they want to do is they should delocalize the electrons to its own orbitals in a suitable way.But remember that orbital hybridize when they form bonds(communicating with other atoms).So what I want to depict you is don't  get the wrong idea that orbitals get hybridized when they live alone.They get hybridized when they want to form a bond with other elements.

This scenario also lines up for human relationships(human bonds) also.!

Okay, let's proceed to last and the most important thing of identifying  hybridization of atoms when we have the structural formula of a molecule.How can we identify hybridization of any element given in a structural  formula?

How can we identify hybridization of any element given in a structural formula?:

In this section, I am going to describe you the easiest way available to determine the hybridization of any given atom of any bond.To have a better understanding, I walk you through examples.Then you can  grab this method correctly and thoroughly.

Note: The term hybridization of above table is for the hybridization of carbon atom(s) present in the molecule

Let's take the  first example. It is ethylene.

So let's discuss  why the hybridization of the carbon atom in here is $sp$. For that take a look at the bellow image.

Here for each carbon atom you have two electron zones.So you can conclude that hybridization of them are $sp$.To have a more clarity check the below image.

So here is the summary for this section,

Likewise, you can go up to as you like, but there is an end like everything does.It ends up when hybridization becomes $sp^3 d^10 f^14$.

Now you have a question whey there is no hybridization when there is one electron zone.It is because it have only one orbital.The  only example for this is hydrogen.

Well, my friends thanks for reading up to this level.I can assure you that you have full knowledge about orbital hybridization and I hope you  enjoy this article. And hey don't forget to give me a feedback, I am waiting.

In this post, I am going to describe few techniques that you could use in order to achieve your goals, and stop procrastination  i.e. be super productive

First of all I wanna ask you these question,

                1. Are you  are a  student who procrastinates and do not take action towards your goals? 
                2. Are you a student who wait for exams till the last moment?   

If the answers for those are yes , I can assure you   if you read this blog post till the end  and apply the techniques  that I am revealing  here and willing to  take immediate  action, you can cure the procrastination habit.

So first take a look at the meaning of the procrastination.

According to the Wikipedia,

             " Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks   in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the "last minute" before a deadline".

Time management plays a key role  in procrastination. Because if you do not use a better time management system chances of procrastination is sky high. If you use a  good time management system you won't be reactive. Procrastination happens when you are a reactive..Having a better time management helps you to  find the moments that cause you to  become a reactive and helps you to become pro-active  which finally paves you the path for super productivity.  If you are a pro-active you won't be trap into procrastination. So how you can make a good time management skills to stop procrastination.

I would like to give you an exercise that you can use to find how you use your time. It is tracking how you use your time. So for this you need a piece of paper and a   pen. In each and every day  jot  down how you use your time. If you can do this for every two hours  you can take maximum benefits. By doing this, you can identify how you use your time.

Now let me  give you a  technique that you can use to manage your time that ultimately leads  you to manage your life. I am writing this article assuming that you have already made goals for your life.
This should be done before you start the day. You can do this in the  morning or  in the night of the previous day. Somehow you want to ensure that you are ready to take the day with full of your potential.

  • Jot down all the tasks that you need to  accomplish in that particular day in order to achieve your goals. Here the key is to be specific and to the point. Being more specific helps you to be more productive 

  • Once you have done that what you want to  do is to prioritize those tasks as  important to reach your goal .

  • And the last step is to allocate time. Allocating time is crucial factor because we have only 24 hours per day. If we want to grab maximum amount from time we must allocate time and should be able to complete that  task in that given time.

As an example let's say you have a goal to score more than 80 marks for mathematics.So here you want to find daily  tasks that  important to achieve that goal

Important tasks:

  • Revising  all the theories  and doing the homework   just after  your class session.
  • Analyzing what you have done wrong in the class and searching solutions for them.
  • Doing the questions  that you didn't grab correctly  again and again until you  are familiar with that question.
  • Doing past paper questions related to that particular lesson.

After you do this try to allocate  the time you need  for those particular tasks.Once you  follow this system I  can assure you that you can cure the bad habit of procrastination.

Likewise, you want to  find the important  for each and every goal that you have.

Assume that you made this task list and still  you do not take action and  again you are procrastining. That is where you want to  use  PAIN & PLEASURE .

Say that you have a football game to watch and you feel that you want to  watch this game but you have a project  or an examination due tomorrow.So what you are gonna choose football game or studying? If you use the pain and pleasure  you can easily find what you want to do.Here is the way to do it,

Imagine the pain you have to undergo if you do not complete the project. Possible pains that you have to undergo are gaining lesser marks than other fellow students,  could not able to get overall good marks  for the project. Now imagine the pleasure that you can gain if you do complete the project. Possibly they are the reverse of pains that you have to undergo  if you do not complete the project. And ask yourself   what is more pleasurable  out of  watching football game  and completing the project.Another key thing here is you want to take immediate action

 So if you find such instances use the  PAIN & PLEASURE .if you use this procedure  properly I can guarantee you can come out of those situations and able to find what you should do and not what you want to do.

  If you can't cure this bad habit by following above techniques then try this product

If you follow the techniques that I mention above I can assure you  can be super productive  and stop procrastination.So I hope  you enjoy this post and will help you to leverage  your studies. See you soon with another "learning make easy " post!. Bytheway give  me you feedback also.

In this post , my target is to give you a brief  knowledge about  Seismology. 

Now let's find  little bit about surface waves 

 I hope  that you are aware of what is seismic waves and it's other properties. 
So guys and gals, please leave your feed back . Because they are really helpful as a blogger who is in  the bottom of the ladder.Therefore  please leave your feedback for each and every post  that you would read in this blog

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So let's take a look at the chemistry of S block elements.

S block contains two groups as,

  • Alkali metals
  • Alkali earth metals.

First  group of the periodic table contain alkali metal and 2nd group contain alkali earth metals. Following periodic table shows it more conveniently. 

Now let's take a look at the electronic configuration of s block elements.

  • The following table  gives you the electronic configuration for alkali metals.

  • The following table  gives you the electronic configuration for alkali earth  metals.

Now let me ask you a question. Have you identify any common pattern in those electronic configurations?

  • Did you notice that in alkali metals always   s1  is there while in alkali earth metals s2  come to the scene.?, so here the important thing that you should keep in mind is that is always electronic configuration of frist group elements finish with S1 while second group with S2

Reactions  involving  S block elements 

  • Now let's   focus on the important reactions involving  S block elements 

  • Well, these are the fundamental reactions that you wanna remember. I hope  this articles is helpful for you to understand the reactions of S block elements, so don't forget to leave your feedback.

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